AnnaBella - Surf and zentangle art Brand and MinkD - Surf, Skate and Street art Brand


  Loy Krathong festival, Luang Prabang
                                                   Laos, 2010

Who we are

  Ingeborg and Jelle

2010, our adventure together started in Sapa, Vietnam. Both on our own journey we met each other at the train station of Sapa.
We think Sapa is a perfect name for a dog. The van came first, he got the name. Having a dog is still in discussion.

We choose love
We choose travelling
We choose drawing
We choose screenprint

Sapa, Vietnam

Thinking for so long about it, in 2021 we started with our brands, AnnaBella and MinkD.

So when we are not travelling you can find us in our screenprint studio in Ghent (Belgium), building on our dream.

 Plitvice NP, Croatia, 2022

We love that you are here following us on our journey. We love following yours!

We choose veggies above meat
We choose Christmas above New year
We choose slow above fast

We choose offroad above highways, we tend to get lost, but who cares